Wednesday, 16 April 2014

New Releases : Mystic

MYSTIC is a range of hand tattoo avatar enhancements inspired by stories and roleplay.
The designs incorporate traditional cross cultural mystic symbols.
Every set in this range includes tattoo layer versions for Avatar hands as well as an applier for Slink hands

They also come in two colour sets
Classic Colours
Four tones inspired by classical tattoo colours.

Old Ink - This is the black ink in old tattoos with a slight green cast.
Indigo - This is a dark blue ink which is signature of some ancient styles
Bold - This is darkest black
Fade - This is black with an 80% transparency

Unseelie Colours
Four tones inspired by fantasy and the supernatural.

Blood - Red/Crimson
Chalk - Bright white
Gold - Metallic shade
Silver - Metallic shade

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