Sunday, 11 May 2014

More News : VIP Treats!

I did finally get the VIP vendor up and running in the store.
I always think it's best if you can choose the gifts you get, rather than get any thing which might not even be suitable for you.

So in the VIP vendor you will find quite a few things I've made - some are just experiments I've done (I've done a lot of experiments) which you might find amusing. Others I've also placed on Marketplace with some retail price. Being a VIP means that you have exclusive group only access to this vendor and that you can purchase the things in it at a special group price or get it absolutely free!

I hope you enjoy this and thank you for your support!

Here are just some of the items up for grabs :

Mesh Sonic Screw Driver + FULL PERMS nano police box sculptie kit

Mesh Gumball Machine (1LI) Full perms - comes in two textured variations (Classic, Plain)

2-4LI Complete Shower Cube - Two showering animations.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

New Mesh Studio / Store

After receiving some really positive feedback from my earlier mesh store release,  I decided to revisit and refine those ideas with the imput.
I've created a modular system of wall panels, floor pieces and roofs and assembled the following very low 6LI studio / store.

Open Plan Light Studio is modularly constructed
and made easy to retexture and tint.
Light airy design with central well , baked textures and lots of glass and wall panels
I've also made the internal structures inside the building completely removable, further reducing the LI of this build to a very slim 5LI. The build is entirely copy and mod so you can create a shopping mecca or mall in a matter of minutes - each personalised by its own number or plaque with a stylish signage board that is part of this build.

Mesh model and textures are all original creations  incorporating my own photography stock.
I hope you find this build useful to your own SL adventures. Thank you for visiting!


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Makeup Fx : Total Drug Abuse

Tattoo layers and mesh contact lenses to change the look of your avatar.

Great for adding character details to your avatar,
if you have a cold,  a late night , or some addiction.
Mesh eyes come in two sets with and without dilated pupil detail.

Tattoo layer makeups in three subtle variations and densities to fit varied skins, tones and shapes.

Marketplace :

New Things! Easy Sculpted Angelfish School [Type 1] and an introduction to Smart Water

I guess the gun gacha of earlier kind of got my creativity buzzing - so whilst I haven't been flickring quite as much lately, I have been making things that quite intrigue me.

Freely swimming fish for your tank or pond
Finally released Angelfish after a development period of almost 2 years??!? - er yeah... something like that. Fio scripted the engine a while ago but it's taken some time on my part to think on how best to showcase the system. So lots of firsts here just as a taster of how intelligent the fish behaviour is in smart water.

I've also re-jigged the fish as single sculpts of a group to reduce LI since Angelfish are a schooling fish.
The groups you see here is only 1LI each - so really prim frugal stuff.

Making fish is almost as easy as 1, 2, 3 
Smart water is what tells your fish where and what area in which to swim. As an introduction to the system, this kit contains the very basic version of smart water which is a cube. The later expansion packs will also contain other forms that enable your fish to perform in other ways such as shying away from other objects and walls, roaming in open linden water and things like that!

Marine Angelfish come in a rather wide variety specimens and types which makes it ideal as a form of kit fish which you can retexture in many different ways to make your aquarium full of colourful fish.
As it uses the same basic sculpt shape - this reduces lag as it only needs to load once for all your different types of Angelfish. Yay bonus!

Angelfish are out now in marketplace on 

as well as in store where you can also collect a free mesh fish tank with your shopping!

Building Tips :
1) After rezzing your fish - you can change their sizes to create variety in your tank. They'll still swim in their different size and shapes.

2) To keep your animations smooth, rez the animating aid included in your kit within rendering distance (20m or so) of your fish. This will help preload the fish to cache.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Fashion Assassination : The Mythos

I finally got around to doing that beauty shot that I had wanted to do but hadn't had the time for in making the Fashion Assassination things. A little story telling time...

Missionary (Judgement Day II)
Judgement Day
Details for the Missionary Ultra Rare Prize from Fashion Assassination Gacha
Only 50 pieces can be won.

I'll also be updating page with a weekly tally of the number of guns that are left in the machine.

This will be updated every Friday.

The current availability as of 3rd May stands at

4 4
Image by Cool Text: Logo and Button Generator - Create Your Own Logo

Oh ps : Nath did a neat article on these in his blog

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Sneak Preview! : Fashion Assassination Gacha

Hello again!

So back in my sekret underwater batfish cave - I've been making items for an upcoming gacha fair!

Fashion Assassination Gacha Key
I had great fun making these as I created little stories in my head about each and every gun. Over the course of the next couple of weeks I'll try to take better close ups of these items and make some better beauty shots explaining these stories (just don't hold your breath as my RL at the moment is totally kicking my azz - but hey it's the thought that counts!)

The collection is for an upcoming Gacha event called "LIKE blah Gotta Gatcha" and runs from 25 April till 11 May. However, if you can't wait for that then this machine is already available in my shop with a caveat - The shop machine is much stricter in terms of chance than I've set the machine at the event. (These settings will be more relaxed after the event so you can still play for the prizes if you miss the dates)

Each Mesh Gun is packed with its own pose hud (1 of 5 different types) featuring the poses from this collection.
Your guide to the various pose huds which come with each mesh gun.
All the artwork that adorns these guns are my own unique textures created specially for this collection. The poses that accompany these prizes are also original creations inspired by my love for films like "Wanted", "Shoot 'em up" and "Dogma".

On Rares & Ultra Rares.
One of the great features of the Casper Vend system is that it uses a system of tickets to calculate 'chance' and as this process is transparent you can look up a machine to view these settings.

With the exception of a few(8) copies of the ULTRA RARE that have gone to bloggers & friends for review, this prize is quite exceptional and exclusive. There are only 50 copies for the gacha (Ever!) and once it is gone its gone. I've done it this way in keeping with my own sense of artistic integrity.

The ULTRA RARE is inspired by the graphic novel 'Preacher - Saint of Killers'

The RARES are inspired by the stories of two angels that are guardians of hell from Neil Gaiman's Sandman series.

Check it out and let me know what you thought!

The prize packaging is a friendly 0.5 in land impact which is less than 1 prim!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

New Releases : Mystic

MYSTIC is a range of hand tattoo avatar enhancements inspired by stories and roleplay.
The designs incorporate traditional cross cultural mystic symbols.
Every set in this range includes tattoo layer versions for Avatar hands as well as an applier for Slink hands

They also come in two colour sets
Classic Colours
Four tones inspired by classical tattoo colours.

Old Ink - This is the black ink in old tattoos with a slight green cast.
Indigo - This is a dark blue ink which is signature of some ancient styles
Bold - This is darkest black
Fade - This is black with an 80% transparency

Unseelie Colours
Four tones inspired by fantasy and the supernatural.

Blood - Red/Crimson
Chalk - Bright white
Gold - Metallic shade
Silver - Metallic shade

Friday, 7 March 2014

Away from keyboard

Away - till end March.
Fly me to the moon...

I will be away from 9th March and whilst the plan is to be back for the 22nd of March, things are a little uncertain as they are. Whilst I may not be able to offer customer support as well as I would like, please bear with me and I'll make sure to get back to you as soon as I can.

It may be more efficient to use the webform on this blog to get in touch.

Meanwhile , I'm sending out cosmic well wishes to one and all. See you soon!

New Stuff : 8LI Mesh Store Prefabs

I enjoy creating textures and whilst making my new store itself, I decided to make a few variations and offer them up for purchase. It's hard to find a good quality low LI building. But now you have atleast 6 new ones!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

How to take pictures in Linden water

I've been giving my Clown fish kit a texture overhaul - remapping the model from scratch, and giving it some fresh colours

After much feed back, I've decided to change the types of kits on offer. The professional range include sculpt maps and scripts for builders. A home edition range is also in the pipeworks. These will simply contain prefabs without needing to be built.

I also wanted to show you how to take images like the product shot I did for the clownfish kit which is taken as is in linden water without retouching. I think un-retouched photos are important in product shots for honesty. So here's how I did mine.

I created a gradated background of the ocean floor in perspective. This is an alpha that I then textured a prim with. You can see that the general tone of the photo from this distance is hued. This is because this shot is set in Linden water.
In closeup , this background is particularly effective for introducing distance
The end product is this - without being retouched at all, you have a nice underwater pic of your fishys!

Monday, 3 March 2014

It's a balancing act!

A balancing act
My little bit 'O territory

So I've finally set up my store in world and home-ified a little corner of it with some of my favourite things from TMD and various Gachas. TMD is still going by the way and moved to bigger better premises .   I've finally moved in too! and baring the odds and ends I have yet to feed into the CasperVend Database, my shop inventory is not too shambolic!

 In this image :

  1. {vespertine - clipped print/fauna fishes}(From TMD)
  2. {anc} Bdream. 1Li (Current round of Arcade Gacha, butterfly dream)
  3. {anc} "lapin. gappytable.A 1Li/RARE (From the Lapin Gacha by anc)
  4. Sway's Lamp [meow] plugged - wood
  5. !O: Teacup Piglet Gatcha [Piggy Who?] (From OhMai! Past round of Arcade)
  6. 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Laptop + Post-it notes (From TMD)
  7. Construct - Mesh Polaroid Rope (With my own pics)
  8. R(S)W Guru Manniswami and Deskies Plastic Waste Bin
  9. *Second Spaces* craft room - ribbons
  10. junk. repurposed saddle seat. iron. (One of my favourite things out of the TMD Feb. round is Junk's repurposed bicycle parts furniture. Super Brilliant!)

To commemorate the soft opening of my new store location , I've created a photo kit
Free stuff to clog up your inventory!
This can be collected from the store absolutely Free!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Home Stretch!

So I've managed to set descriptions, take photos and notate all my poses with my own brand of organised disorganised indexing!

I've only got the stands left to do at this point though I reckon I should be able to finish that by tonight *cross fingers*

Here's how a typical vendor shot will look like :

In the initial set up of my vendors I separated mirrored poses.
As a lot of my own photographic imagery involves the use of clones and reflections,
I've made quite a few of these and have since decided to package mirror poses together as pairs.

This set of poses was one I'd created for Miamai's Black Label launch that I had participated in last year. Although these never got used in the end, the concept behind them was to create a visual of connectedness.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Struggling but excited!

So wow, I never knew that setting up a pose store could be so difficult! I know it's just the initial burst of effort needed to get organised and to categorise and take inventory etc. Being me, that is extremely tough as I am very much a perfectionistic scatter brain (There's a handicap right there aye?), though I think I'm managing to pull things together.

Finally counted up the poses I'll have for the premiere of the store which is 77. Doesn't seem like too much but it's quite a bit to get through in one sitting!

After much shuffling, I've now decided that my poses can be best described in a range of five main categories with a sixth to describe poses that have been grouped in packs (for couples, clones, by theme, and fat-packs etc...). A 7th will be added later which will group the animations I have created for furniture projects past; but for now they are :

  1. Arts & Action - Arts & Action describes poses inspired by theatre, dance, classical painting and film
  2. Emotional & Horizontal - Emotional & Horizontal describes poses that centre around expression and  those created to work with landscape format portraits
  3. Crawls & Kneels - Crawls & Kneels describes poses inspired by these body postures
  4. Sits - Sits describes poses inspired by this body posture (includes sits on furniture, objects and ground)
  5. Stands - Stands describes poses inspired by this body posture
  6. Sets - Sets describes poses created for set theme fat-packs, couples or groups
I've also decided to use an artists' dummy avatar to illustrate the poses in my vendor photos. Here's a sneak peak :

What a bunch of my poses look like together!
After much hmming and hawing I decided I'm using Caspervend as they seem to provide the most functionality such as gift cards, redelivery terminals, group discounts  and marketplace integration. All nice nifty features that is something I look for myself when I'm being a consumer.

Thus with that blab, it's back to the drawing board!

Friday, 21 February 2014

New Store : Under Construction

So yes! It's all coming together (slowly)
Construction of my new store on my own little parcel is finally underway!
I'll be vacating Clanomere, the old parcel and home of Dita's Diabolique after this week and my new store will be on Jersey Island on a teeny plot. My product range here will no longer carry any items that might be considered 'A', owing to the parcel rating of this land.
I'm also phasing out my old builds and sculpts.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Rebranding and integrating various ideas

This year I've decided to integrate my ideas together under a singular design brand that has been named for my blogging endeavours. Rebranding 'Dita's Diabolique' into Oddfish Studios.

I have already sold a few odd bits as Posertry Poses out of Dita's Diabolique (which had been my main shop moniker for my eclectic SL interests); However,having discovered that I have a cache of over 70 unique poses and several full animations that I had created over the years, I've decided to revisit this aspect of my SL building activity more fully and give it a forum, with plans to open a pose/photography studio in world. Thus launching
After several revisions, this is the final posertry logo that I've settled on ( I think...)
Joining this little collective will also be announcements for my range of Avatar Enhancements created under the brand PalomaSnow Aesthetics.