Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Home Stretch!

So I've managed to set descriptions, take photos and notate all my poses with my own brand of organised disorganised indexing!

I've only got the stands left to do at this point though I reckon I should be able to finish that by tonight *cross fingers*

Here's how a typical vendor shot will look like :

In the initial set up of my vendors I separated mirrored poses.
As a lot of my own photographic imagery involves the use of clones and reflections,
I've made quite a few of these and have since decided to package mirror poses together as pairs.

This set of poses was one I'd created for Miamai's Black Label launch that I had participated in last year. Although these never got used in the end, the concept behind them was to create a visual of connectedness.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Struggling but excited!

So wow, I never knew that setting up a pose store could be so difficult! I know it's just the initial burst of effort needed to get organised and to categorise and take inventory etc. Being me, that is extremely tough as I am very much a perfectionistic scatter brain (There's a handicap right there aye?), though I think I'm managing to pull things together.

Finally counted up the poses I'll have for the premiere of the store which is 77. Doesn't seem like too much but it's quite a bit to get through in one sitting!

After much shuffling, I've now decided that my poses can be best described in a range of five main categories with a sixth to describe poses that have been grouped in packs (for couples, clones, by theme, and fat-packs etc...). A 7th will be added later which will group the animations I have created for furniture projects past; but for now they are :

  1. Arts & Action - Arts & Action describes poses inspired by theatre, dance, classical painting and film
  2. Emotional & Horizontal - Emotional & Horizontal describes poses that centre around expression and  those created to work with landscape format portraits
  3. Crawls & Kneels - Crawls & Kneels describes poses inspired by these body postures
  4. Sits - Sits describes poses inspired by this body posture (includes sits on furniture, objects and ground)
  5. Stands - Stands describes poses inspired by this body posture
  6. Sets - Sets describes poses created for set theme fat-packs, couples or groups
I've also decided to use an artists' dummy avatar to illustrate the poses in my vendor photos. Here's a sneak peak :

What a bunch of my poses look like together!
After much hmming and hawing I decided I'm using Caspervend as they seem to provide the most functionality such as gift cards, redelivery terminals, group discounts  and marketplace integration. All nice nifty features that is something I look for myself when I'm being a consumer.

Thus with that blab, it's back to the drawing board!

Friday, 21 February 2014

New Store : Under Construction

So yes! It's all coming together (slowly)
Construction of my new store on my own little parcel is finally underway!
I'll be vacating Clanomere, the old parcel and home of Dita's Diabolique after this week and my new store will be on Jersey Island on a teeny plot. My product range here will no longer carry any items that might be considered 'A', owing to the parcel rating of this land.
I'm also phasing out my old builds and sculpts.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Rebranding and integrating various ideas

This year I've decided to integrate my ideas together under a singular design brand that has been named for my blogging endeavours. Rebranding 'Dita's Diabolique' into Oddfish Studios.

I have already sold a few odd bits as Posertry Poses out of Dita's Diabolique (which had been my main shop moniker for my eclectic SL interests); However,having discovered that I have a cache of over 70 unique poses and several full animations that I had created over the years, I've decided to revisit this aspect of my SL building activity more fully and give it a forum, with plans to open a pose/photography studio in world. Thus launching
After several revisions, this is the final posertry logo that I've settled on ( I think...)
Joining this little collective will also be announcements for my range of Avatar Enhancements created under the brand PalomaSnow Aesthetics.