Monday, 3 March 2014

It's a balancing act!

A balancing act
My little bit 'O territory

So I've finally set up my store in world and home-ified a little corner of it with some of my favourite things from TMD and various Gachas. TMD is still going by the way and moved to bigger better premises .   I've finally moved in too! and baring the odds and ends I have yet to feed into the CasperVend Database, my shop inventory is not too shambolic!

 In this image :

  1. {vespertine - clipped print/fauna fishes}(From TMD)
  2. {anc} Bdream. 1Li (Current round of Arcade Gacha, butterfly dream)
  3. {anc} "lapin. gappytable.A 1Li/RARE (From the Lapin Gacha by anc)
  4. Sway's Lamp [meow] plugged - wood
  5. !O: Teacup Piglet Gatcha [Piggy Who?] (From OhMai! Past round of Arcade)
  6. 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Laptop + Post-it notes (From TMD)
  7. Construct - Mesh Polaroid Rope (With my own pics)
  8. R(S)W Guru Manniswami and Deskies Plastic Waste Bin
  9. *Second Spaces* craft room - ribbons
  10. junk. repurposed saddle seat. iron. (One of my favourite things out of the TMD Feb. round is Junk's repurposed bicycle parts furniture. Super Brilliant!)

To commemorate the soft opening of my new store location , I've created a photo kit
Free stuff to clog up your inventory!
This can be collected from the store absolutely Free!

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