Tuesday, 4 March 2014

How to take pictures in Linden water

I've been giving my Clown fish kit a texture overhaul - remapping the model from scratch, and giving it some fresh colours

After much feed back, I've decided to change the types of kits on offer. The professional range include sculpt maps and scripts for builders. A home edition range is also in the pipeworks. These will simply contain prefabs without needing to be built.

I also wanted to show you how to take images like the product shot I did for the clownfish kit which is taken as is in linden water without retouching. I think un-retouched photos are important in product shots for honesty. So here's how I did mine.

I created a gradated background of the ocean floor in perspective. This is an alpha that I then textured a prim with. You can see that the general tone of the photo from this distance is hued. This is because this shot is set in Linden water.
In closeup , this background is particularly effective for introducing distance
The end product is this - without being retouched at all, you have a nice underwater pic of your fishys!

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