Wednesday, 7 May 2014

New Mesh Studio / Store

After receiving some really positive feedback from my earlier mesh store release,  I decided to revisit and refine those ideas with the imput.
I've created a modular system of wall panels, floor pieces and roofs and assembled the following very low 6LI studio / store.

Open Plan Light Studio is modularly constructed
and made easy to retexture and tint.
Light airy design with central well , baked textures and lots of glass and wall panels
I've also made the internal structures inside the building completely removable, further reducing the LI of this build to a very slim 5LI. The build is entirely copy and mod so you can create a shopping mecca or mall in a matter of minutes - each personalised by its own number or plaque with a stylish signage board that is part of this build.

Mesh model and textures are all original creations  incorporating my own photography stock.
I hope you find this build useful to your own SL adventures. Thank you for visiting!


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