Sunday, 11 May 2014

More News : VIP Treats!

I did finally get the VIP vendor up and running in the store.
I always think it's best if you can choose the gifts you get, rather than get any thing which might not even be suitable for you.

So in the VIP vendor you will find quite a few things I've made - some are just experiments I've done (I've done a lot of experiments) which you might find amusing. Others I've also placed on Marketplace with some retail price. Being a VIP means that you have exclusive group only access to this vendor and that you can purchase the things in it at a special group price or get it absolutely free!

I hope you enjoy this and thank you for your support!

Here are just some of the items up for grabs :

Mesh Sonic Screw Driver + FULL PERMS nano police box sculptie kit

Mesh Gumball Machine (1LI) Full perms - comes in two textured variations (Classic, Plain)

2-4LI Complete Shower Cube - Two showering animations.

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