Tuesday, 26 January 2016

My first 2016 release! Oddfish Landmark To SLURL Translator Pin.

Yes I'm afraid the geeky rather than arty me has decided to have a go at making something which I hope will make your SL Blogging and Event Co-coordinating experiences that much easier! Converting a list of Landmarks to SLURL's is something I do almost everyday for blogging, but recently I was given a notecard for an event with some 60 Landmarks to participating designer booths. The idea of having to look up each landmark for their URL's was far too daunting a thought (and I know other people must do so much more!)

I had a look for something to convert LM's to SLURL's  but couldn't really find what I was looking for and so with the help of a superscriptor friend, I have come up with this solution.
Currently I have released it on Marketplace as early access for 20 participants at a very low price.
It will also be available to buy in store in final release.

The Oddfish Studio Landmark To SLURL Translator Pin
A useful gadget for anyone who needs to convert a batch of LM's to SLURL's quickly!
I've also created a Product Support page - thought it might be a good idea.
I'll keep adding and refining the way information is provided here.

So if you feel that this gadget might be useful to you, pick it up for a steal on

Enjoy your Second Life <3

All Oddfish Products come with full product support 

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